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Newspapers from November 22, 1963

Newspapers are a museum of sorts. We get the news of the day, the information we both seek and seeks us. But we also get a preservation of a moment in time. Words and images are frozen on the page. In the digital era, this is less so as content can be — and often is — updated frequently.

For three generations, my family has collected newspapers, selecting moments in time deemed to be “historical,” if not newsworthy. These old papers have fed and nurtured my fascination with history, as well as journalism.

Below are newspapers from November 23, 1963, the day after John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. There’s also a Friday late edition from the New York Post, and newspapers from November 25, the day Lee Harvey Oswald was shot.

New York Post: 11/22/63

New York Post: 11/22/63

NYT 11/23/63

NYT 11/23/63

Daily News 11/23/63

Daily News 11/23/63

Philadelphia Inquirer 11/23/63

Philadelphia Inquirer 11/23/63

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