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The Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy blew through New York City. Luckily, my building escaped unscathed. Though walking around Park Slope, there were some who didn’t. While there were many trees down and several cars damaged, it looks like, on the whole, the immediate area was very fortunate. Here are a few pictures I took.

Sterling Place and 7th Ave

Lincoln, between 7th and 8th. Pretty much every side street in Park Slope has at least one tree down.

Awning down on 7th Ave.

Horizontal tree.

Park Slope kids climbing a tree that destroyed a car. Sterling and 7th Ave.

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Josh Sternberg is the content strategist for The Washington Post. Prior to that he was the media reporter for Digiday. Additional bylines include: The Atlantic, The Awl, Pacific Standard, Mashable, Huffington Post, Mediaite.


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