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The Apple Response

This morning’s Gizmodo’s deconstruction of the “new” iPhone has spread across the tech world like the spewing ash from Eyjafjallajokull. But while the glacial volcano has so far only disrupted Europe’s flight patterns, this iPhone issue has the potential to wake Apple’s massive legal and PR divisions.

If I were on Apple’s communications team I would advise the company to do something it rarely does: let it go. Filing lawsuits and threatening access is not the answer for this scenario. Had Nokia or Google broke into the Cupertino company’s headquarters and stole the phone and then left it behind (wink, wink) for a tech reporter to find, then yes, lawyer up. But this isn’t the case. 

Apple has the opportunity to make themselves look less like the stealth company (outside to those fanboys who will ALWAYS stick up for Apple) by acknowledging someone did something human-they lost a phone and that person needs it back to call his mom. While I don’t think someone just happened to leave the top-secret, newest iPhone iteration at a bar, this scenario has raised questions.

While it’s known that Apple is more paranoid about its technology than a crack addict is about his stash in his shoes – and it’s also known that Apple doesn’t believe in the ‘test-run’ – this case may be a planned ‘leak, as CNET guesses.

If that is, indeed, the case, Apple’s PR department is earning its money. What would you do if you were part of the Apple communications staff?

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Josh Sternberg is the content strategist for The Washington Post. Prior to that he was the media reporter for Digiday. Additional bylines include: The Atlantic, The Awl, Pacific Standard, Mashable, Huffington Post, Mediaite.


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