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Heading home

I’m on the 139 (NJ Transit) heading back to my childhood home for Labor Day BBQ, pool party and some golf with a whole bunch of friends. As I sit in the front passenger seat (I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to riding on buses, I need to be in the first seat so I can see what’s in front of me), hometown favorite Bruce Springsteen (he grew up next town over) comes on Pandora (incidentally, I’m listening, of course, to the Phish radio station). All the while, I’m on the surprisingly open road we call The Turnpike, which is usually a parking lot on the Friday of a major holiday, or any Friday in the summer, really.
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The WTC Mosque

So imagine this scenario:
You just finished reading your big book of answers when you hear a knock at the door. You think to yourself, well, it can’t be Trouble because there was a knock. Trouble enters without letting you know. You walk to the door where you find three close friends. You let them in, but they seem different. There’s a look of fear, and a look of sadness in their eyes. This is when you realized Trouble can come into your home, invited, masked as Friendship. Your friends see your big book of answers sitting on the table and they tell you, “We’re sorry, but you have to come with us.” You’ve heard stories, you know what happens next, so you say, “Let me tell my kids I love them.” Your friends, the ones who have aligned themselves with Trouble in order to protect their families, lead you out of your house, as they take your big book of answers with them to be tossed aside, burned and destroyed.
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Learning How To Use Sunblock

I am not what you’d call a beach person. When I was younger, I would go to Jones Beach (Field 6) with my dad, but when we moved to NJ, I just stopped going. Maybe it was because the water was usually gross; maybe it was I hated the sand in my bathing suit; or maybe it was because I never tanned, just burned (my Eastern Eurpoean genes are working hard this week).
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What’s a Jew?

This week brought two interesting aspects of what it means to be a Jew to the world. The first, which actually started in January but didn’t get much notice until recently, has been seen as both a triumph of spirit and a desecration of memory. The second has the ability to eradicate what it means to be a Jew.
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Smell Like A Man

One of the most talked about advertising campaigns right now is the Old Spice Man, starring the sculpted former NFLer Isaiah Mustafa . But it’s not your grandfather’s Old Spice campaign, as there’s a highly interactive – and addictive – online push (a combination of viral video, Twitter feed and Facebook page) to support the non-sequitur TV spots.
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C’est Magnifique

This past week, I made the trek from Brooklyn to Flushing to hear my 92 year-old grandfather sing. When he turned 75, he decided he wanted to participate in his senior center’s annual recital. Imagine a recital for your 7 year-old – with the off-key singing and do-overs due to forgotten lyrics – and you … Continue reading

It’s All About How You Relax

I am not an athlete. When I was younger I was athletic, but make no mistake, I was not an athlete. I could hold my own in hoops, played baseball for 3 years for my high school and could throw a football, but I knew early on in life that sports would never be more than a hobby. Sports was an outlet for me to learn about rules and morality and systems. A lot of systems.
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Perspective at the Park

A couple weekends ago, a bunch of my close friends got together in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to do some of the things we’ve been doing together for more than 20 years: BBQ, argue, play whiffle ball, make fun of each other, argue, throw the baseball around, argue, complain, make fun of each other, BBQ. Essentially, we revert to our 10-year-old selves.
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Thanks for stopping by. As you can see, I’ve made it to the bigs, the show, the pros. I’ve answered the call and have moved my blogger site to this beautiful, sleek, intuitive squarespace site. Here, you’ll find The Sternberg Effect still in full…wait for it….effect.  You’ll also find a larger digital imprint – from … Continue reading

Messages From Haiti: Behind the Scenes of the Disaster

This post originally ran on Mediaite and The Huffington Post
Each generation has its history-changing, world-altering moment. Over the past decade, my generation has been faced with some pretty heavy moments. September 11th. Hurricane Katrina. The Tsunami. And now, Haiti. If actions define who we are as individuals, then our collective responses to these moments are what define generations. Now is the moment for us to respond and help those who have fallen rise from tragedy.
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