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Evolution and Social Media

When I was about 4 or 5, I was at a family function and asked a question to my dad. This question would be the most important question I would ever ask, but it would take me 25 years to figure out why. As the 4 or 5 year-old me scanned the room, my eyes … Continue reading

What Should Public Relations Be?

There is a growing conversation within the public relations profession about how to best define PR. Is it putting the “public” or the “relations” back in public relations? Either way, there seems to be some kind of disconnect, and according the proponents of each philosophy believe that social media is both the disrupting agent and … Continue reading

Judiciary 2.0?

With a nascent Obama presidency founded on the principles of transparency and a Congress who all of a sudden recognized that technology is a friend and not a foe, the term Government 2.0 has spread like wildfire these past few months. There’s just one flaw the people leading this charge are not discussing: where’s the … Continue reading

Why is social media important?

I kept up with my 2009 resolution of attending social events last Friday night as I “lurked” at the Social Vibe/Joe Marchese-sponsored Social Media Happy Hour at The Benjamin Hotel. It was your typical incestuous (and not in the bad way. Then again, the term “incestuous”, I guess, is never seen in a positive light) … Continue reading

The Shift Has Been Televised

Hulu’s TV ad during the sure-fire, can’t miss, absolutely number one show that everyone will be talking about (for if not 24 hours, a good couple of days…which in Internet-time is a freaking eternity), event of the year proved to be a strong topic of discussion. For those not in the know, Hulu helps “people … Continue reading

Are You A Social Media Expert?

My wife makes fun of me for using Twitter. She’s a kindergarten teacher who has to make sure her kids’ mittens are on and doesn’t have time to enter the vast social media world. So when she sees me sitting on the couch, half paying attention to the TV, half paying attention to her, and … Continue reading

Networking Events

In the past two nights I have tried something new. I went to what could be called functions. Each completely different in nature than the other, but the ends are just the same. Last night I wandered into a world that was similar to the one I live in…only not really. This new, undiscovered (at … Continue reading

Reasons to use Twitter

One can’t go anywhere on the Web these days without seeing some type of tool or offshoot of the popular microblogging service Twitter. It seems everyday there is a new article, blog post or rant about how to use Twitter; or why Twitter is changing the media landscape; or how Twitter’s model will be adopted … Continue reading

Where is digital advertising going?

Advertising is seen as the way to get a brand’s message to the public. It’s the vehicle that pushes what a company says about itself and its products. But as we find ourselves at the beginning of the Digital Age, digital advertising has been co-opted to mean direct marketing. These two ideas, branding and direct … Continue reading

What is Public Relations?

When I meet people and we start discussing our occupations, I always find it both fun and infuriating to describe what I do. I am called various names — flack, spinster, spin-meister — all of which have negative connotations. There is a general perception in the corporate world that public relations brings nothing to the … Continue reading

Cultivating A New Agenda

Not having a reason to wake up with the rest of the world, I have found there are too many times during the day that I realize that I have, in fact, nothing to do. Sometimes to fill that gap, I practice my guitar skills with the hopes of one day achieving my dream of … Continue reading

The Reality of Reality TV

I finally caught up with this year’s Emmy’s and was rather disappointed in the aftermath of this whole “Reality” thing. Why do we keep calling this genre reality when it’s really a faux–reality. These shows are a pretend real, meaning that what we, the audience, are watching is not what our perceived reality is. Our … Continue reading