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Messages From Haiti: Behind the Scenes of the Disaster

This post originally ran on Mediaite and The Huffington Post
Each generation has its history-changing, world-altering moment. Over the past decade, my generation has been faced with some pretty heavy moments. September 11th. Hurricane Katrina. The Tsunami. And now, Haiti. If actions define who we are as individuals, then our collective responses to these moments are what define generations. Now is the moment for us to respond and help those who have fallen rise from tragedy.
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The Great Debate…Or Not

Democracy is messy. It’s a truth that we usually ignore because democracy is usually wrapped up in red, white and blue balloons, tiny American flags and the occasional hanging chad. But as we see, night after night in some VFW hall or some community college classroom, making sure everyone has their voice heard is a … Continue reading

Judiciary 2.0?

With a nascent Obama presidency founded on the principles of transparency and a Congress who all of a sudden recognized that technology is a friend and not a foe, the term Government 2.0 has spread like wildfire these past few months. There’s just one flaw the people leading this charge are not discussing: where’s the … Continue reading

Networking Events

In the past two nights I have tried something new. I went to what could be called functions. Each completely different in nature than the other, but the ends are just the same. Last night I wandered into a world that was similar to the one I live in…only not really. This new, undiscovered (at … Continue reading

Reasons to use Twitter

One can’t go anywhere on the Web these days without seeing some type of tool or offshoot of the popular microblogging service Twitter. It seems everyday there is a new article, blog post or rant about how to use Twitter; or why Twitter is changing the media landscape; or how Twitter’s model will be adopted … Continue reading

(Gay) Love and Marriage

I have yet to grasp how we, as a Western society, still believe that not every person has the same ‘rights’. Rights are legally, morally, or traditionally just claims that a society revolves around. As we know, rights in a society often change; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. According to the structure … Continue reading