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Three Laws of Social Media

This post originally ran on the Huffington Post
Social media. Two average-sized words that carry a tremendous amount of meaning. However, we have yet to create a working operational definition for social media…
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Leave it To The Professionals

This post initially ran on the PR Breakfast Club’s site.
Recently, fellow PRBCer Keith Trivitt raised an interesting question about PR folks’ background. Essentially, he said, you don’t need to be trained in communications or PR to be successful in our field:
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The Newseum

The smell of a fireplace. Not typically the first thought to roll through your head when thinking about Washington, D.C., but the smell of burning wood permeates this snow-infested city.
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Manager vs Leader: Are You A Trusted Advisor?

Barely a year into my journey as a small business owner, I’m learning valuable skills and lessons that enable me to do my job better. Now, I’m not talking about building media lists or drafting messaging documents, but what it means to be a trusted advisor, someone who has the ear of a client, offering counsel to help their business grow…
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