Quoted In…

Over the years, I’ve been quoted as an expert in several publications. Here are a few:

The Wall Street Journal:
Landing Clients Is Hit or Miss

Josh Sternberg donated his expertise in public relations to two start-ups and three nonprofits to build a client roster for Sternberg Strategic Communications, a Brooklyn, N.Y., company he launched last year. He then added their logos to his website under a section he labeled “current and past clients.”

Mr. Sternberg says he landed the volunteer gigs through referrals from friends of friends after getting laid off from a small firm in the same industry. He has since secured four paying clients. “It really started from tapping my network and helping people,” he says. “Things just kind of snowballed from there.”

Fake Political Sites Cause Headaches for Democrats

“The fact that a political party has the balls basically to set up something like this is kind of outstanding,” says Josh Sternberg, a digital-communications consultant. “The implications for this moving forward could be disastrous for both parties. It brings the level of discourse below what it was, and it wasn’t high to begin with.” At best, the sites risk fostering an ever-more-cynical political climate. At worst, they are deliberately deceiving voters.

“We’re not a very attentive society these days, and if I’m just going from link to link and looking at a very cursory level, I’m not assuming that it’s not Chris Donovan—I’m assuming that it is,” says Sternberg. The fake Connecticut sites only mention at the bottom of the page that they are “Paid for and authorized by the Connecticut Republican Party.”

ABC News:
Votes, Photos, and Book Recommendations: How Politicians Use Facebook

Josh Sternberg, a former communications professor and CEO of Sternberg Strategic Communications, agreed. He said, “A lot of politicians just use social media as a broadcast mechanism.”

The Daily News:
Give up Twitter? No way says Rep. Anthony Weiner, despite the role it played in his scandal

Josh Sternberg, a social media expert and founder of Sternberg Strategic Communications, said that the trend began around the 2008 election.

“It started to become a really big piece of the overall messaging landscape,” he said.

Sternberg said that the new technology is important for democracy – and can be a great way for politicians to connect with the people they serve.

“If it’s handled properly if politicians look at social media as another way of delivering their message,” Sternberg said. “Then it’s a good thing where they have their ability to control their message …”

Journalists learn what works (& doesn’t work) on Tumblr

Josh Sternberg, a communications company owner and guest writer for The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Mediaite, is also impressed with Tumblr’s social media impact.

“The biggest difference is the social factor,” he said. “Other blogging platforms like WordPress or Squarespace are solid for content and making a home on the Web, but having the social aspect (the notes, reblogs, etc.) has been a helpful tool in growing reach, relevancy and influence.”
Throwing in personal touches can help create a more conversational tone. “While my day job is as communications professional, I infuse my Tumblr with posts about baseball, music, politics — topics that are relevant to my life,” Sternberg said.


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