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The Happiest of Happies

The Happiest of Happies

Five years ago, the happiest moment of my life. Continue reading


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She's 15 weeks old and her favorite thing is bath time. I'm a little gumdrop yes I am. Sliver of Washington Post newsroom. Oh come on. The cuteness is too much (yes I am biased but so what). Gosh I love this kid.

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  • Protests of youth past lead to Seeger & Guthrie; Dylan & Lennon. Who's now? Bieber and Lorde? 3 hours ago
  • these protests around the nation are catnip for the news nets. hopping from city to city showing police/protester w/experts talking over it 4 hours ago
  • Has there been a spike in large-scale, national protests since Obama took office? I don't recall this many w/Bush or Clinton. 4 hours ago
  • What's this new level of reality TV hell that is cooking shows with kids? This is awful. 5 hours ago



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